Amplifying 10db without energy that is 10 times as much sound!

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-28 08:39:04 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: No energy using amplification of music from the ipod

The amplifier

Magical; didn’t we always think we need energy to amplify music?

AirCurve Play is based on some very advanced technology, indeed; and when you hear it, you will agree it is magical.

AirCurve Play makes the speaker of your iPhone 10 decibels louder… no, really. And it works without batteries or cables or power adapters or incantations. Just slip your iPhone into AirCurve’s rubber dock gasket, and your iPhone 4 becomes the perfectly portable audio/video conference phone, and self-contained music player and video viewer.

Without revealing the secret of the magic, we can tell you that AirCurve is a cleverly designed acoustic amplifier that collects the sound from the built-in speaker of your iPhone, amplifies it in a built-in coiled waveguide, and projects it out into the room. AirCurve’s transparent polycarbonate body lets you appreciate the waveguide’s graceful curves, inside, that do all the work.

I love this especially since Griffin Tech is all about electronics and see how they are breaking the mold!


  • Acoustically amplifies the speaker of your iPhone without batteries, cables or electricity; internal engineered waveguide requires no power
  • The perfect solution for audio and video conferencing with iPhone 4
  • Listen to audio from videos, games, and music without headphones
  • Holds your iPhone in both landscape and portrait mode
  • Insert your own dock cable to use as a charge/sync dock
Designer: Griffin Technology
Manufacturer: Griffin Technology
Category: music, electronics, no-energy


Amplifier for ipod
The amplifier
Amplifier for ipod

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