Links that might interest you

Networks of designers interested in Design for Sustainability

O2 Global Networks for designers and sustainability or via LinkedIn group
Designers Accord a global coalition of designers, educators, and business leaders, working to create positive environmental and social impact.
Climate Designers

Sustainable Design at Universities and the like

Delft Technical University Design for Sustainability NL published a D4S manual with the UNEP as well as the more general Delft Design Guide
Design Academy Eindhoven NL
Polytechnico di Milano IT
University for the Creative Arts UK
The open university department of design & Innovation UK
Loughborough University Sustainable Design research group UK
Cranfield University UK
Brighton University Sustainable Design UK
University of Bath UK
University of Columbia, Design centre for Sustainability USA
Robert Gordon University UK
Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon USA
MCAD Minneapolis College of Art and Design And its online sustainable design program

Knowledge centers and websites on design for sustainability

Sustainable Design wiki of the dutch Industrial Product Design education in dutch only
Rocky Mountain Institute
Sustainable Development Online an overview of all kind of sustainable development websites
Ecodesign centre UK Wales
Specializing in the graphic design supply chain Re-nourish
DOEN-materiaalprijs A competition to promote sustainable and innovative use of materials
on bamboo the bambooteam website
Perkins + Will transparency site A list of known and suspect chemicals based on international scientific reports
“Ecodesign Guidebook for Lighting Product Designer by Sze Yin Kwok ": online community of designers, architects and everyone else interested in inventive ways to recycle

Sustainable Business best practices

The Natural step Toolkits
Guardian Best practice exchange
World resource Institute
Made by specific for garment and fabric industry
More on fashion, what is organic and which certifications mean what by Eco Age
Toolkit for the ICT industry
Ceres Self Assessment Questionnair on supply chain sustainability

Legislation & regional environmental organisation


There are agreements made on for instance Aerosoles, Bromides etcetera but they are put in regional legislation


Manual of European Environmental Policy
EU environmental legislation summary
EU legislation on chemicals
Regulatory framework for the management of chemicals
Sustainable Consumption Research Exchange network


Mind that there is few federal legislation, every state has it’s own legislation!
Environmental Protection Agency
LEED US Green Building Council

Asia Pacific

Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry
Japan 3R initiative
Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on 3R policy
China RoHS and WEEE summary
China Administration of the Pollution Control and Electronic Information Products

International organizations focussing on sustainability

United Nations Environmental Program

Commercial Life Cycle Analysis tools and services

Sustain, environmental accounting and embedded carbon, services
Ecoinvent core data for many tools like Gabi, Eco-indicator
Gabi software

More general tools for designers

An overview on alternative energies
Green chemistry alternative purchasing wizard by MIT
Knowledge and methodology of the Delft University of Technology Industrial Design departement
Productionnavigator= to find productionmethods per shape/material/quantity
Matweb" a material database with structural and other data of over 70,000 different materials from plastic to metals and wood and other naturals
software for lightweight constructions by Netfabb

Material databases comparing environmental impacts

NIBE Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, in Dutch

Books & video’s

Earthscan for a standard 20% discount for all Earthscan books please use the voucher code EN0111 when you order online.
Adventures in EcoDesign of Electronic Products by Ab Stevels who has written about his work from 1993-2007 in EcoDesign when he worked both for Philips and was Professor at the Technical University Delfts department of Design for Sustainability
Caspar Bok, Professor at NTNU, Video introduces Design for sustainability
Designing with Emerging Markets by Engineering Industrial Design Delft University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Prabhu Kandachar, Dr. Ir. Jan Carel Diehl, Dr. Vikram S. Parmar, Ir. Chetan Kaanadka Shivarama