Innovative E-scooter Be.e integrates many eco-design strategies

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-11-12 14:41:53 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Many different eco-design strategies are used such as Paid per use; including maintenance and insurance. After contract ending the scooter is taken back and recycled in new ones. The body is a bio-composite monocoque. The batteries can be loaded with rene

The scooter

The Be.e is an electric scooter, suitable for city commuting and fun trips into the country side. The batteries will allow you to have at least 2 hours of intense driving range (or 60km range) under the worst of conditions. Be.e is manufactured, developed and tested in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, known for it’s cold and wet weather: the perfect proving grounds for the Be.e.

Interesting highlight is the Nano coating of the windscreen. This hydryphobic layer makes waterdroplets and dirt particles “fall” off the surface. This improves visibility in dark and rainy conditions, but also you won’t have to keep the windshield clean. Because the body is a monocoque made from bio-based composites, the whole scooter including batteries weights only 95kg.

With state of the art propulsion systems, battery technology and well proven drive train components, it is offered a warrantee level of 5 years on all parts, up to 50.000 km’s. Of course it can happen that you might have a flat tire. That’s why a can of tire repair spray is included in case of need. If you happen to have a more serious break down, the on demand service provided by the Dutch ANWB (drivers association) should be able to help you on your way, wherever you get stranded, a subscription to the ANWB Scooter Service is included in the plan.

Clearly if you opt in on the KM-plan, you will never have to worry about warranty’s or so. As long as your subscription is active Van.Eko’s responsibility is to keep you using up your KM-plan. If you do have a serieous issue with your Be.e, we will supply you with a spare until we resolve the problems.

Fitted with a 600W charger you will be able to charge your scooter at a rate of 20km/h, meaning that for every hour of time spent charging you will have a range of 20km’s at your disposal.

At the end of its life it is recycled and used in new projects, thus closing the loop

Designer: Waarmakers
Manufacturer: Van.Eko
Category: mobility


Spec Be.e
The scooter
Spec Be.e
by Van Eko

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