Lighting for the sustainable supermarket: LED spotlights

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-03-12 13:06:04 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: 30% energy reduction with high precision spotlighting like vegetables and meat in retail spaces

LED spotlight

Part of a product range designed for retail, this is an LED spotlight great for making fresh food look fresher, adding sparkle and contrast with the aim of increasing sales of high cost goods like fruit and veg. It’s also available in a range of specifications meaning that you can create installations with a consistent look and feel

The lights have a wide choice of beam shapes; two, three, four or five lenses and colour temperatures designed for maximum flexibility. Use them in promotional areas, aisles, fresh-food sections and at the head of gondola.

The system also gives great value-for-money with low total cost of ownership thanks to:

  • 30% reduced energy consumption compared to traditional spotlight applications
  • less fittings required, thanks to optimised light distribution that allows fixtures to be spaced wider apart from each other (ensuring 25% less are needed)
  • no maintenance needs, thanks to ultra reliable heat management, great for supermarkets that are open 24-hours a day and where maintenance is difficult

It also features a choice of light levels, different Exact Beams (narrow, medium, wide and oval) and different tones of white light and a rose filter to enhance to appearance of meat.

Specs (CCT@830)

  • Mini with 2 (2000lm, 34 watt) or 3 (3000lm, 50 watt) lenses
  • Compact 3(4000lm, 67 watt), or 5(5000lm, 84 watt) lenses

available in
CCT: 830, 840, 827, 930
Beams: narrow, medium, wide and oval

Designer: Philips
Manufacturer: Philips
Category: Retail light, energy efficiency


LED spotlight
LED spotlight

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