Charging and training per iPhone, or Android

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-06-17 09:58:51 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Most upscale bikes have a dynamo in the hub. In most instances the produced energy is wasted. The ReeCharge uses this for charging smart phones

Charging an iPhone

Most upscale bikes have a dynamo integrated in the hub for lighting but most cycling is done during daylight and in that instance the produced energy is wasted. BioLogic Reecharge uses this energy to recharge your smartphone.

That not alone; It also offers iPhone and Android apps to help you train and/or record where you have been, how much energy was consumed and it can send the information to your computer so you can keep track of your routes and/or performance. I uses the gps capabilities of your phone.

A great sustainable product not only why the charging is done by green, human power but also because it promotes a healthy life style.

For bikes that don’t have a dynamo in its hub they also offer those as well as holders for the phone

See also their youtube video

Designer: Miniwiz
Manufacturer: Dahon
Category: Human power


Charging an iPhone
Protective case
Charging an iPhone
by Dahon

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