High tech safety strut wins Best of Best in Red Dot

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-02-20 08:38:26 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Safety is sustainability focusing on the P of People.


Aesthetics of safety

In rescue situations, such as after serious traffic accidents in which heavy lorries might be involved now and then, it is crucial for any rescue team to be able to act fast. However, these teams can do a good job only if they have efficient and high-performance equipment and tools to rely on. Consisting of various supporting cylinders, this range of air struts is part of the integrated Profix Max system of lifting and stabilisation equipment for use in emergency rescue situations. Featuring an overall well-balanced visual appearance, the system blends in perfectly into a corporate design.

Based on the results of an extensive field study, Profix Max embodies a highly versatile system that can be easily and instantly adapted to the most diverse rescue situations. At the heart of the Profix Max system are the air struts: the different cylinders can be placed in seconds and be locked at any desired length in order to support a weight of up to 14 tons. In addition, the system also features a highly sophisticated principle of connectability: the pressurized air for each strut can be connected in order to remotely control the movements of several struts at once and in coordination with other lifting products of the brand, all of which use the same universal coupling sets and offer a wide range of accessories. The Profix air struts thus constitute the key element of a highly convincing system that merges the highest possible degree of functionality and safety with a design that is both highly consistent and innovative for this type of rescue equipment.

The Red Dot jury’s rationale
Consisting of various supporting cylinders, the system by RESQTEC is for use in emergency rescue situations in which lifting and stabilisation work has to be performed quickly on site. Focusing on a well-thought-out design and the use of high-quality materials, the product communicates a very high sense of stability, reliability and safety. It is a heavy-duty performance tool featuring a sophisticated design and branding developed by design agency VanBerlo, a novel product in this area and a new realm for creativity in industrial design.

See also the interview with it’s designer Robert Fienig

Designer: Robert Fienig
Manufacturer: RESQTEC
Category: safety equipment
Websites: en.red-dot.org/4698.html


Design Phase
by VanBerlo

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