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by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-02-09 10:12:42 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: contrary to common believes; the general carpet reduces fine dust by half compared to hard flooring, Airmaster cleans the air even 8 times as effective.

The Story


Desso is a dutch carpet manufacturer which commited itselfs a few years ago to go Cradle to Cradle and even go beyond that to innovate in ways to not only don’t harm people with the use and production of their products but improve quality of life for their customers. Based on that they developed their dust absorbing carpet AirMaster.

According to a study performed by the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB)*, it is proven that the burden from fine dust is dramatically
reduced when using carpet, as opposed to hard flooring.

With the introduction of DESSO AirMaster® this functionality is taken to the next level. Its patented** technology has been specially developed to capture
and retain hazardous particulate matter. In fact, DESSO AirMaster® is 8 times more effective in capturing and retaining fine dust than hard flooring and
4 times more effective than standard carpet solutions (PM10)*, making it the most effective flooring solution to capture fine dust from the air.

How does it work? The ribs, high and low, are made in such a way that the high ribs absorp fine dust and the coarse dust is collected and hold on top of the low ribs. Till it is vacuum cleaned off. The ribbed structure and the open spaces between the thick and fine yarns create optimal air circulation by vacuum cleaners. Tests indicate that over 80%
of the dust is released by the carpet during vacuum cleaning. This is a 16% improvement compared to standard carpet. Additional tests indicate that
during vacuum cleaning the airspeed at the core of the carpet structure is 55% higher compared to standard carpet**, resulting in an improved dust release.

This is a great performance but I especially like the increased customer value they created on top of the cleaning functionality. They create an experience by giving the option to design your own patterns and designs thus creating your own designed carpet. You can even ask them to produce a sample so you can test whether it matches the rest of the interior.

A great example of sustainable value creation; improving the environment, closed loop recycling and customization. If love it, do you?

Product: Airmaster
Designer: desso
Manufacturer: Desso
Category: Carpet, indoor air quality


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by desso

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