c,mm,n open source community for sustainable personal mobility

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-03-09 10:35:58 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: People with a creative, intelligent and enterprising perspective on mobility issues are working together to develop a new mobility concept.

The Story


The c,mm,nity is a growing community, with over 800 people involved at present and about 80 of those making active contributions.
latest developments
Right now, the c,mm,nity is hard at work on:

  • roll-out strategy: “1 million electric cars in 2020”
  • quick charge points
  • optimal charge points
  • interior design
  • floor plate/suspension
  • powertrain
  • intelligent systems/driving simulator
  • virtual Amsterdam
  • setting up and inmproving the webplatform

open source

The path to truly sustainable mobility is the open source concept. Just like open source software, the product is ‘open to all.’ The c,mm,n car blueprint and the c,mm,n mobility concepts are freely available under an open source licence. This allows the whole world to take part in the development of truly sustainable mobility. Everyone is free to use and modify the design. The only condition is that any resulting derived designs are returned to the c,mm,nity as open source. We believe that the best results are achieved through cooperation.
You can use c,mm,n to offer your own services. You can base your own mobility services around c,mm,n, for example to offer your clients a lease or rental car or provide transportation or other mobility-related services. If you also want to be a part of sustainable mobility solutions or take a hand in designing c,mm,n, visit the get involved page.

different design

Generally, any new generation of car builds on existing models. Refinements in design result in a new car that surpasses its predecessor in all aspects: bigger, more powerful, safer and better-looking.
C,mm,n abandons this working method completely. The concept of the development of c,mm,n is built around the society of the future, with the needs of the mobilist of 2020 in mind.

c,mm,n car 2.0

C,mm,n makes tomorrow’s driving easy. The driver receives detailed information about the energy flows in the car and tips on how to drive more efficiently. More information does not always mean better information. C,mm,n tells you what you need to know, and you can always ask for more.
Information exchange in transit is essential for increased safety and better utilisation of the capacity of the road network. This means more than just the familiar odometer. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are the driver’s high-tech eyes and ears. When these are combined with global positioning systems and mobile communications technologies, the prospects become really exciting.
Everything that ADAS picks up around it is converted into vast quantities of information, which only become useable for the driver with the help of Karma. Karma (the KAR Mobile Assistant) is an electronic interface designed to give you the feel of an assistant right there in the car with you. Karma adjusts its voice and facial expression to inform the driver of the driving safety situation in real time. Underneath the attractive and effective design is an intelligent behavioural system that communicates with you in a natural and instinctive way. Your intuitive reaction is often faster (making it safer) than a response that takes time to think through.
When a car ‘knows’ so much about itself and the environment thanks to its high-tech systems, it’s important to be able to access that information. When c,mm,n is communicating with the environment and with other vehicles, other cars can inform you and your car about changing road conditions and alternative routes.
When you need to focus on things other than driving, the car can make decisions on its own. Like when you join a group of other cars in convoy mode, the car and the other vehicles around you can decide what the optimal distance between you and the next car is.
In emergency situations, you can seize control instantly; after all, nothing trumps the decision-making capacity of a human being. But ADAS and Karma may be able to avoid accidents because their reaction time is faster than any human’s.

Product: 1 million electric cars in 2020
Designer: all
Manufacturer: all
Category: mobility
Websites: www.cmmn.org/en/what-is-cmmn.html


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