Transparent Fashion Supply Chain: on material, labour and cost of every step

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-06-27 12:41:03 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: The only fashion company, as far as I know, that gives total insight in its material and product production on material, labour and cost level

The Story

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Belgium Bruno Pieters started Honest By in 2012, a fashion company producing sustainable fashion made, mainly, in Europe. Honest By provides it customers with detailed information on every step in its supply chain. Which material is sourced where and produced where, from which material are the buttons made and where the tread, how long does it take to sew them on where, etcetera. Who earns how much in the chain from material producer to retail. At this moment it is the first brand to give 100% transparency to the public.

Have a look at the details. From fabric and tread to the retailer

He started it because as a consumer he wants to know what he buys a who he supports. Because he believes one needs that level of transparency to be able to make the right choices and consume more humanely. Making it possible to buy products from brands that are in sync with his personal values and by using his voice as a consumer.
One needs to know what your paying for and who your financially supporting through the purchase. Every purchase matters supporting the good or the bad.

Not unimportantly …. it is great looking fashion in the tradition of his Antwerp peers Dries van Noten and Ann Demeulenmeester. I keep an eye open!

Product: Bruno Pieters
Designer: Bruno Pieters
Manufacturer: Honest By
Category: Fashion


Blue waves
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Blue waves
Honest By Bruno Pieters

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