IMM Cologne: my favorite Sustainable Brand positioning

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-01-14 17:13:18 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Sexy, fun and iconic products made of FSC-wood and aluminum as materials to increase durability as well as recyclability of the products

The Story

the Garguantua

This is my brand discovery of this weeks IMM Cologne, one of the worlds biggest furniture fairs. Extremis, a Belgium brand of outdoor furniture. They deliver on their mission:

Added value, innovate or die, we love the planet, classics of the future, sexy outstanding stuff, reason for existence, design is human, timeless design, this is not furniture these are tools for togetherness.

The tools they make, benches, tables, parasols, lounge areas are all mend to bring people together and let them physically spend time together, so old fashioned, but are we not missing it in all the social networking?

An example is " Gargantua", a round table with integrated benches that can be adjusted in height either for adults, big or small kids, be removed for access of a wheelchair or adjusted to the height of the table to make it bigger. It sits 8-12 persons and is made of a galvanized steel frame, stainless steel tabletop and Iroko FSC-certified hardwood.
Or take “Picnik” a table with two chairs attached made out of one sheet of Aluminum, no attachments or rivets are used.

Good example of a true sustainable brand; planet and people are inclusive and the product is innovative, sexy and fun!

Product: Outdoor furniture
Designer: Dirk Wynants, Arnold Merckx,Xavier Lust eo
Manufacturer: Extremis
Category: Furniture, wood, aluminum


Social gathering
the Garguantua
the Picnik
Social gathering
around the Gargantua

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