Recycling shower water

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-06-07 06:52:02 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: In Europe and the US a shower nowadays uses up to 20 liter a minute. This shower uses 30 liter of water and you can have a rainshower as long as you want.


Taking a shower is in the western world not done once a week anymore like our grandparents did, in most cases it is at least once a day now. And 6 liter/min is also not enough anymore to give us the sense of getting wet and clean. And look how long you shower.
Showering consumes a lot of our drinking water and we prefer hot showers so it comes with CO2 emissions as well.

Rene Betgem, already years selling bathrooms, thought it must be possible to reduce it and re-use the water. The shower works like this, first you soap and wash yourself under the shower and then the floor tank fills itself with 30 liter of water which is pumped up and re-used. The keep the water hot, a bit of hot water from you normal system is added in the mix. The nice thing is that it comes with a waterhead with 20 liter a minute flow. The shower cabin is made of high quality materials, calc resistant glass and aluminium or can be customized with music, therapeutic light and in any color you like, with or without steam or jets.

With a family of 4 you can save nearly 50% on your water consumption (calculated with 12liter/min, 10 minute showers)

Designer: Rene Betgem
Manufacturer: Badwereld
Category: Sanitation


by Badwereld

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