Watter; makes non-toxic disinfectant out of water and salt

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-03-11 01:59:50 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: This machine makes disinfectant from only water, salt and electricity. The liquid can be directly used, iced or vaporized to reach every corner


While crossing the African continent, twin brothers Arjan and Alfred Koop, became aware of the true meaning of sanitation or the lack thereof in especially clinics. They set out to find a disinfecting solution without harming people, animals and environment.

The heart of the Watter system is the Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) technology that has its basis in the Soviet Union spaceprogram. ECA technology is an effective method to create from two basic ingredients, water and salt, a powerful disinfectant that is not toxic but more effective then e.g. commonly known bleach. The solution, called NONTOX, made by the machine is absolutely non-toxic and pH neutral and thus can be used not only in healthcare and surgery disinfection but also in agriculture and industry sanitation. It is cheap to produce, one liter of NONTOX will need only a few grams of salt.

NONTOX replaces toxic chemicals, reduces outbreaks of secondary contaminations of infectious diseases. Because it can be made on site it eliminates logistic issues.

The introduction of the Watter system will make the health care sector self-reliant using a sustainable disinfectant. There are several applications to combat the harmful bacteria en virusses in a sustainable way:

  • When a small quantity is dosed on the water system, the culmination of biofilm will be forestalled, while those bacteria present will be eradicated. The application of Watter to prevent and remove biofilm will not have consequences for the water quality in terms of smell, taste or colour.
  • When applying pure, it can be used to disinfect surfaces, hands, medical instruments or (professional) rooms. This will eliminate the threat of a spread of infection in a sustainable way, without creating a hazardous environment for people.
  • Vapourising through ventilation systems or by using a Nebulizer can prevent and combat contamination of airborne bacteria. Besides that, the removal of antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA can be addressed effectively in a sustainable way, by vapourising in contaminated rooms.

it has been successfully tested against pathogens like cholera, diarrhea, legionella, salmonella, tuberculosis, influenza, noro virus, rota virus and polio.

The production cost of NONTOX per liter; 17kW, 5 gram salt. The Watter produces about 80 liter of NONTOX per hour and is protected against power and water pressure fluctuations.

Designer: Watter
Manufacturer: Watter
Category: Non-toxic alternative
Websites: www.watter.nl


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The Watter team
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