Zeno combines solar light with artificial light when necessairy

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-02-16 05:54:21 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Using solar light instead of artificial to bring light in dark corners every office has

Zeno in action

The Zeno Lamp brings natural sunlight indoors through a system of light collectors and fiber-optic cables. The beauty of the Zeno lamp lies in its flexibility of use – not only can it pipe natural light indoors, but it can also be used with a wide variety of artificial light sources (fluorescent, halogen, halide) – insuring that you always have light – day or night. The sophisticated system uses the integration of natural and artificial light to create a variety of different colours and chromatic yields at varying temperatures and efficiencies.

Designer: Dieg Rossi, Raffaele Tedesco
Manufacturer: Luceplan
Category: Lighting, solar
Websites: www.elementi.luceplan.com/#/prod/


Zeno in action
Zeno in action

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