Loremo car drives 1500km on 5 kg LPG

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-12-21 13:07:56 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Low weight construction with use of state of the art engine design and material use. Diesel version does 50km with 1 liter of diesel

The loremo

The German developed Loremo, standing for Low Resistance Mobility, combines aerodynamic design with low weight construction to achieve high fuel efficiency. Without compromising either safety or appeal this sporty looking car consumes a mere 2 liter of diesel per 100km and has a top speed of 160km/hr. Current tests running on LPG, fueling its electro engine, resulted in an astonishing 1500km on 5 kg of gas. The entrance is unconventional; Getting in and out of the car is done by lifting the front portion of the car, including the windscreen, up and forward. According to Loremo, getting in and out of the car is convenient.

They rethought the complete construction of the car, resulting in a weight of only 550 kg. The linear cell structure with constructive length beams is much stiffer than the usual construction with doors. It also results in less material weight; the under construction weights only 100kg. The powertrain is located in the midsection to guarantee torsion resistance.
The weight carrying construction and the use of glassfiber reinforced polyurethane foam creates freedom in aerodynamic design of the exterior. The exterior shell weights an additional 140kg (including all fixtures). The low point of gravity, stiff body and relatively long distance between the axis result in a good driving performance.

The company is restructured and refinanced and plans to built 10 diesel and 10 electric versions as prototypes and start production in 2014. Pre-ordering starts January 2013 worldwide from 10.000 euro onward.

Designer: Loremo
Manufacturer: Loremo
Category: Efficient mobility
Websites: www.loremo.com


Loremo on show
The loremo open
The loremo
The loremo
Loremo on show
by Loremo

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