2D packed chair turns 3D

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-06-17 10:17:49 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Minimal volume for transport, FSC certified wood

Circa free hanging

The Circa chair and frame are so beautiful they even made it to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Nick Rawcliff first explored creating 3D spaces out of 2D in 2003 while working at Bauhaus in Dessau. Gravity gives the chairs it shape and volume. When folded together again they fold back in a 2D shape which makes them perfect to store away over winter if nomrally used as a swing hanging from a tree.

The concentric circles fit in each other so there is minimal waste as well as that, when shipped in their flat boxes, they take up minimal volume. On the other hand there is no assembly asked from the customer. You only need a hook in the ceiling or a rope around a branch to let it swing. They can also be ordered with an frame to hang it from.

Designer: Nick Rawcliff
Manufacturer: Rawstudio
Category: furniture
Websites: www.rawstudio.co.uk/circa.html


Circa free hanging
by Rawstudio

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