Cloth Diaper system

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-06-11 16:05:45 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Diapers are a nightmare for landfills, voluminous and it takes generations to break down. This is resource as well as cost efficient alternative. And it looks neater than a pamper


Invented not because of environmental friendliness but because of a need for diaper rash friendly diapers. The FuzziBunz are kind of front closing pants with inlays. The inlays come in cotton and microfiber versions and can be easily put in pockets in the pants. They are convenient, easy and compact to launder. The design of the pants is such that there is no danger of leakages, no rash as well as no waste.

The Fuzzibunz diapers can be re-used for as long as 7-10 years, although I hope your toddler doesn’t need them as long. :). Cotton traditional diapers don;t last longer than 1-2 years which is likely to short.

Microfiber fleece production is a very carbon efficient way of production. People need a couple of Fuzzibunzz pants and 12 inlays instead of 8,260 paper diapers. Imagine the pile as well as the transport and carrying around the cartons which are saved.

Designer: Tereson Dupuy
Manufacturer: Mother of Eden
Category: Diapers, fabric


The microfiber inlays
In lot's of colours
by Mother of Eden

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