Haute Bamboo series increases value of bamboo as a material

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-07-01 04:22:15 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Bamboo is a environmental friendly material, it grows like grass, you cut it and it will continue to grow. Up to over 60 years. Bamboo as a material has the image of cheap, poor man's timber. By using the natural curves of ‘Bambusa Ventricosa’, caused

Haute Bamboo series

Haute Bamboo series Dutch designer Bo Reudler joined forces with bamboo-architect Olav Bruin.

Haute Bamboo continues the quest to renew the connection with nature, guided by natural forms in an intuitive way. While bamboo is among our fastest renewable resources, it’s frequently considered a poor man’s timber. With this series, they wanted to re-examine the aesthetics of bamboo furniture. The bulging types give personality to every piece which will often be various due to the randomness of every stalk. The curves of ‘Bambusa Ventricosa’ are caused by a rare mutation in the bamboo producing strikingly bulbous stalks.

A coating of glossy black linseed-oil paint references eastern lacquered furniture, binding the origin from the material with its outcome. All products are hand

Designer: Bo Reudler & Olav Bruin
Manufacturer: unknown
Category: eco material, increasing value
Websites: www.boreudler.com/prod/index.php?page_id=41


Haute Bamboo series
Haute bamboo table
Haute Bamboo mirror
haute Bamboo chair
Haute Bamboo series

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