Wood flooring in the shape of the tree

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-06-08 02:46:43 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Bolefloor’s optimization technology means savings of the natural resource. Not only is the surface aesthetically appealing, but Bolefloor innovations allow more floors per forest.


Bolefloor produces wooden floorboards in the shape of the trees used for it. By scanning and fitting the flooring looks naturally beautiful and hardly any wood is gone to waste. The curved-length flooring meets the true definition of unique: each floorboard is as individual as the tree it came from. No two bolefloors are alike.
Bolefloors are available grooved and ungrooved or in a combination of both, including grooved- and ungrooved endjoints.

The floorboards run to 3,000 mm in length with widths of 150-300 mm (there are slight, natural variations in places). Thickness is a uniform 21 mm. Production can accept 6,000 mm special orders. A 13 mm product line will be available in summer 2011.

How do they produce it?
Bolefloor scanners’ natural-edge visual identification technology evaluates “imperfections” such as knots and sapwood near the edges or ends so that floors are both beautiful and durable.

Their process manages and tracks each board from its raw-lumber stage through final installation. And every board is cut using the finest in Homag woodworking machinery.

Designer: Bolefloor
Manufacturer: Bolefloor
Category: Wood flooring
Websites: www.bolefloor.com


Picture by Bolefloor

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