Conversion of cars, any car you like, to Electric Vehicles

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-06-07 06:09:15 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: The owners have the philosophy that if you make sustainability easy every one wants it

The Story

Old Beetle

You like the acceleration of an electric car but you love the design of a car that doesn’t come in an electric version or you drive a classic then here is the answer

Rebbl takes the engine, exhaustpipes, tank out and put LiFePO4 batteries and an EVNetics management system in. They work together with ReBirth in Florida that does the prototype, calculates and engineers the additional interfaces and develops the kit for a specific model. There are already kits for Volvo V70, new and old VW Beetle and the Jaguar XK8 but they can also change you own car in an EV or import a car and convert that one. The advantage here is that you save on tax, in the Netherlands 26%. And on fuel. The EV is fully tanked up for a few Euro’s.

In a workshop in the north of the Netherlands the cars are converted.

A great concept. You now don’t have to choose between your favorite model or Electric anymore.

Product: Electric cars
Designer: Rebbl
Manufacturer: Rebble
Category: Automotive


Old Beetle
XK8 electric
Old Beetle

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