Establishing a sustainable fashion line

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-02-01 13:56:36 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Limiting environmental impact of fashion

The Story


“Naturevsfuture® is an artistic expression of organic futurism via clothing. Blending innovative, sculptural design with natural & sustainable fabrics naturevsfuture® is designed with an eco-conscious approach. NVF acknowledges the increased environmental concerns & the need to preserve & respect our earth while advancing.” Is their moto.

Eco-fashion label Naturevsfuture’s name was inspired by designer Nina Valenti’s belief that there is a constant struggle between nature and future, a tension between organic forces and technological ones. Mixing natural & sustainable fibers like organic cotton, hemp, soy & bamboo with recycled fiber fabrics such as POP (recycled soda pop bottles) and INGEO (created from corn) along with synthetic fabrics like polyethylene and spandex, she creates pieces that have a futuristic edge yet are inherently classic.

Her biggest obstacle in designing with eco-fabrics is sourcing. About 30% of the pieces in the show are organic, but those are just the samples. Nina explained that she will likely produce the line with a higher percentage of eco-fabrics and she is getting some swatches from new sources that she is excited about. While Nina has had as high as a 70% incorporation of eco-fabrics into the line and is committed to using these fabrics, she designs first and refuses to sacrifice design for the sake of the fabric.

Nina’s line minimizes waste by creating long lasting pieces. This is what we would call old school thinking, when things were built to last a long time. Nina is a far stretch from old school with her futuristic lines and cuts balanced with organic, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable materials. Her collections are produced in the New York City garment district..

Sexy creative pieces for women who want to make a bold statement with a sophisticated futuristic edge. Her young line has been featured in several prominent fashion magazines giving Nina kudoo’s for blending natural and futuristic fabrics to create a new and exciting look.

Product: Fashion, apparel
Designer: Nina Valenti
Manufacturer: NaturevsFuture
Category: natural fabrics, secondary fabrics


Drink pouch dress
Drink pouch dress
a one off from Naturevsfuture

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