Creating Behavior Change Webinar by Sheldon Group on December 13, 2012

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-11-30 07:13:55 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: How to create behavior change

The Story


What do these consumers have in common?

  • 90% of Americans have purchased a green product, but haven’t continued to do so.
  • Half of Americans said they made 1–3 energy-efficient home improvements, but still saw increases in their utility bill.
  • Most have lost interest in green and energy-efficient products across almost all categories.

The answer? They all would likely make different choices if the principles of behavior change were applied. And our new webinar can help you understand and use those principles.

Join the webinar for Behavior Change: The Key to Creating a Successful Sustainability or Energy Efficiency Marketing Program.

  • You’ll find answers to many of the consumer problems you’ve encountered, and during the webinar you’ll discover:
  • The five most important principles of behavior change as they relate to sustainability or energy efficiency
  • How to integrate those five principles into successful marketing efforts
  • How to start thinking like a behavior change expert

When? December 13, at 1 pm EST.
Unfortunately it is not for free you need to sign up to reserve your spot for $49

Product: Webinar
Designer: Sheldon Group
Manufacturer: Sheldon Group
Category: Knowledge



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