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by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-03-27 17:03:02 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: 5% of the adult population are “Super Greenies” - engaged in 10 or more green activities, such as recycling, using rechargeable batteries or re-using grocery store bag

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Super greenie

While everyone seems to be on the green bandwagon in one way or another, there is
a subset of the environmentally friendly who are setting the landscape for the entire
movement. According to Scarborough, five percent of the adult population are “Super
Greenies” – those adults who engage in 10 or more green activities, such as recycling, using
rechargeable batteries or re-using grocery store bags, use organic products, vote based on sustainability, consume less water and use energy efficient lighting and appliances.

These Super Greenies are high-income, high-spending consumers who purchase luxury
items and lead active lifestyles This report from Scarborough examines their lifestyles, luxury tastes, and local interests, and provides ideas on how to target the Super Green. Let’s focus on the first part here.

Today’s environmentally focused consumers tend to be members of Generation X, are well-educated, and take their finances seriously. Not only are Super Greenies more likely than
the average adult to be among the country’s top income earners, but they also are more likely to have a diversity of household investments. Further, they pack a supersized education, and many have advanced degrees.

Super Greenies are luxury consumers. They are top spenders in all retail categories – from everyday items such as clothing to specialty goods like fine jewelry and luxury cars. They also invest in major household purchases, such as high-end televisions, cameras, etcetera. They pay more for more sustainable options like a hybrid high-end car.

Hitting the gym, eating a healthy diet (eating, local, organic food, using environmental friendly detergents), and spending time outside gardening or hiking are all activities the Super Green person engages in on an average day. While the vast majority
drive daily, they are far more likely than other adults to use a bike for transportation. Super Greenies relax by taking in cultural activities such as going to the theatre or an art museum

Super Greenies are very active online. Not only are they utilizing a wide variety of social media platforms, but they use the Internet to seek out local information. Super Greenies
also go online for newspaper, broadcast television and radio content.

Markets such as San Francisco, Seattle and Portland lead for Super Green consumers.

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Super greenie
Super greenie

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