Pointing solar panels to the sun

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-06-01 06:54:16 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: It is not only about the yields of the solar panel material. The correct angle of the sun beams can increase yields with about 30%. And this for limited extra cost

Yearly solar energy/m2

Yield of solar panels are continuously improved but lot’s can also be achieved by improving the mounting system and turn solar panels to face the sun.
Van der Valk Solar systems developed a tracking system for soar panels without the use of costly sensors.

The control system is based on a solar time algorithm so that it knows exactly where the sun is no matter where in the world the system is located and it is therefore not necessary to install sensors. As well as for use in fields, the Van der Valk Solar Tracker® is also currently available for use on buildings and greenhouses. Patents have been applied for for Van der Valk Solar Systems’ tracker systems. The technologies used make the Van der Valk Solar Tracker® unique of its type.

The Van der Valk Solar Tracker® is available as a compact unit, consisting of a slim support and a motor/control unit, and suitable for the assembly of 8 solar panels (2 per cylinder tube). The systems can therefore be combined in units up to a total of 10 units per motor/control unit (approximately 54 metres), making the system very cost efficient and reducing the break-even time of the investment as well as increases the yield.

Designer: Van der Valk Solar Systems
Manufacturer: Van der Valk Solar Systems
Category: solar systems
Websites: www.en.valksolarsystems.nl


Yearly solar energy/m2
ROI and Yield
van der Valk tracking system
Yearly solar energy/m2
Fixed system compared to trackersystem

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