1-2 integrating packaging and paint tray

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-19 09:43:08 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Integrate packaging and paint tray eliminates the need to use a tray and the clean it thus saving paint running in the sewage system

1-2 system

Given their experience in packaging technology it is practically inevitable that at FLEX/ the INNOVATIONLAB® novel ideas arise daily that do nót necessarily hold a direct relation to a current project or client: ideas that concern various packaging matters, consumer problems or simply interesting possibilities to new product propositions. The product 1-2-Paint is a good and clear example of the latter: a paint bucket equipped with a lid with an integrated paint tray.

1-2 paint is a significantly more sustainable solution than any other type of packaging for latex wall paints. They have achieved this NOT by using better materials, NOT by setting up complex returnable systems and NOT by reducing the amount of plastic. They have achieved this simply by rewarding the user for more sustainable behavior. Anyone who uses 1-2 paint will experience the benefit of ease of use, no chance of spilling and no need for cleaning. As a result he/she will not feel the need to buy plastic trays, to waste water on cleaning or spill chemicals into our sewer system. Just in the Netherlands alone this will save per year: 150.000 kg of HDPE in trays, 8 million L of water for cleaning, and 170.000 kg paint spilled into the sewage system.

AKZO NOBEL COATINGS was interested in the idea and in close cooperation with the Dutch market leader FLEX has developed and engineered it up to the market introduction. The product has been granted a patent and has entered the Dutch, Belgian, Spanish and British paint market. It is selling around 70% more than the old and traditional packagings! So you can say that the consumers are recognizing the advantages. This is what design is all about.

Designer: Flex/Innovationlab
Manufacturer: AkzoNobel
Category: Packaging
Websites: www.flex.nl


1-2 system
1-2 system
By Flex/Innovationlab

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