High end rollator for the cool elder

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-12-06 02:58:47 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: In 2009, 5% of the dutch population was using equipment to help them with their mobility. The rollators on the market normally are referring more to the inabilities and look like hospital equipment instead of an accessoire.


Effortless staying power. Live life to the full. Even now. That doesn’t sound like an inability to move independently.

And that’s what Rollz is all about. A stylish rollator, a lot more expensive then the standard ones you mostly see on the streets but the pensioners of the moment have more money to spend and want to be more mobile. An ergonomically designed rollator with a strong but lightweight frame which enables you to walk tall, steadily and comfortably with a straight back. And if you want a little rest along the way, the Rollz Motion converts into a wheelchair at a simple flick of the wrist. And just as easily back again, of course.

The Rollz Motion features:

  • Drum brakes | Safe and controlled braking thanks to innovative drum brakes.
  • From rollator into wheelchair | Transforms from rollator into wheelchair at a flick of the wrist
  • Comfortable cushion | Resting on a comfortable cushion.
  • Easily foldable | Folds away easily into a compact package.
  • Foam-filled tyres | Foam-filled rear tyres provide natural suspension and a comfortable ride.
  • Swivel front wheels | Swivel front wheels make for light steering and great manoeuvrability.
Designer: Rollz Motion
Manufacturer: Rollz Motion
Category: Mobilization, transportation, rollator
Websites: www.rollzinternational.com


by Rollz Motion

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