Drycleaning with steam at home

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-08-05 08:19:28 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Drycleaning is typical done with hazardous chemicals. It can now be done in the washing machine at home with steam. And the machine adjusts water and energy automatically to the loaded weight.


Electrolux introduced in all their washing machines a steam function, so effective that it produces some garments ready to wear straight from the drum! This allows you to skip- or at least half- the time consuming ironing process for some of your clothes. You can even skip a full washing cycle when your clothing just needs a refresh instead of a full clean with detergents and lots of water.

They included an couple of other technologies to reduce water and energy consumption while at the same time making life easier for the consumer

Flexible washing loads: The extra-large 9 and 10kg capacity washing machine can wash as much- or as little as you want in a single load, whilst DirectSpray Technology ensures that you never waste unnecessary amounts of energy. DirectSpray Technology uses a continuous shower system that improves the efficiency of your wash and reduces water and detergent consumption.
Detergent reduction: The weight sensor further makes a recommendation of how much detergent to use, this will appear on a LCD display so that you never overuse detergent or input more chemicals into the washing environment than necessary.
Highly energy efficient: The AutoOff feature ensures that the washing machine will consume zero energy when the cycle is finished, just as if it was switched off. Together with the Direct spray Technology and weighting sensor this is resulting in a A+++-20% EU-energy label (20% less energy then the highest rating).
Eco Feedback function: to closely monitor your energy efficiency.

The fact that this machine makes at home drycleaning possible and combines this with neat clean lines in it product design resulted in a Red Dot award 2013

Designer: Electrolux
Manufacturer: Electrolux
Category: White good
Websites: newsroom.electrolux.com/uk/2012/08/20/steam-your-clothes-to-perfection-just-like-the-professionals/


Drycleaning washing machine at home

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