Battery free bicycle lights

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-07-16 12:05:59 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Human powered lighting. No fear to run out of battery power. No hazardous battery waste

Reelight bicylce light

You will never run out of power with these sleek design magnet-powered bicycle lights. The bicycle lights generate their own power so you never have to worry about flat batteries that need to be changed. Batteries contain hazardous substances like cadmium, mercury and lead, all of which might seep into ground water and cause damage.

The lights are based on the electrodynamic induction principle, and work by screwing two magnets onto the spokes and mounting the light onto the wheel axle. The light contains a copper wire coil and current is generated when the magnet passes the light. As the wheel rotates, the light will flash accordingly. Without the friction of the old time dynamo.

Its design who its awards of Eurobike and a best of the best red dot award

Designer: KiBiSi
Manufacturer: Reelight
Category: Human powered lighting


Reelight bicylce light
In different colours
Reelight bicylce light
by Reelight

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