Affordable glasses suiting anyone and can be adjusted anytime

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-04-03 09:13:39 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Affordable self-adjustable eyeware in great style and colors

Child Vision

Education suffers when students cannot see clearly. This is problematic in areas of the world where there are not enough eye care professionals to provide eyeglasses. Child ViSion™, a joint initiative of the Centre for Vision in the Developing World (CVDW) and Dow Corning, aims to address this by producing glasses specifically designed for young people that feature adjustable power lenses which can be set by the wearer to correct their vision. At a later point in time the lenses can be re-adjusted by the wearer.

The glasses have straight, lightly springy arms and fit a variety of ages and facial types. They come in a variety of colors. A compact adjuster was developed incorporating a novel sealing mechanism to make removal of the adjusters easy and intuitive.

They look great, wished I could have a pair.

Designer: Goodwin Hartshorn
Manufacturer: Dow Corning
Category: Vision, affordable eye care


Child Vision
Child vision
Looking good
The adjusting system
Child Vision
Adjustable glasses in fun colors suit anyone

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