Blade-less windmill in front of electric engineering department TU Delft

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-04-03 08:47:23 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Blade-less Windmills need less maintenance due to less moving parts which makes them not only saver and quieter for urban situations but also cheaper in life cycle costs on off-shore locations


From Wednesday the 27th of March on, a scale model of the bladeless windmill can be viewed in front of the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at Delft University of Technology. Mecanoo Architects designed the model EWICON (Electrostatic WIndenergy CONvertor) using technology developed by Delft University of Technology in a consortium with Wageningen UR and commercial companies in an economy-ecology-government partnership program context. The breakthrough wind convertor transforms wind energy into electricity without the use of moving mechanical parts. The result: greatly reduced wear and tear, lower maintenance costs, and zero noise pollution or shadow casting. The EWICON can be installed on land or sea, and can also be integrated on to the roof of a tall building.

The EWICON has an abstract appearance with a flowing steel frame in the shape of a squared 0 supporting a framework of horizontal steel tubes. Within this framework, electrically charged droplets are created and blown away by the wind. The movement of the droplets creates an electric current, which can be passed on to the grid.

Continued development will be carried out once funding has been secured for further scientific research.

Have a look at the animation

Designer: Mecanoo and Delft University of Technology
Manufacturer: unknown
Category: Renewable Energy


By Mecanoo and TU Delft

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