Red rot winner 2011; Videowave home entertainment system

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-10-29 14:32:31 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Integrating functionalities and removing all need for cabling and speakers but still has surround sound

one remote no speakers

VideoWave Entertainment System offers entirely new visual and acoustic qualities by merging a home theatre sound system, a 46-inch HD LCD display and a music system into one single enclosure.

The consistent design approach of the unit elegantly covers all the media necessary for highest level entertainment and effortlessly delivers today’s standard in high-definition picture and acoustically refined audio experience. The innovative design of the VideoWave Entertainment System is based on the fact that it does entirely without separate speakers, bass module or speaker wires. Thus the unit looks like an elegant and puristically designed sculpture with the single aim to attend to the entertainment needs of users. The VideoWave Entertainment System comes with a console that connects up to five high-definition entertainment players as well as a docking station for an iPod. All devices are controlled via an innovative click pad remote control featuring a sophisticated on-screen user interface that consistently integrates into the overall design of the home entertainment system.

The Red Dot jury:
The Bose VideoWave Entertainment System fascinated the jury by offering a cinema sound and music experience. There are no separate speakers, bass module or annoying wires; sound and picture are integrated into a high-definition screen that delivers powerful sound quality and a sharp, crystal clear image. Devices such as a blu-ray player, gaming console, or an iPod can be easily connected via a visually hidden console and operated straightforwardly via a remote control.

Designer: Bose Corporate Design Center, USA
Manufacturer: Bose Corporate, USA
Category: Home entertainment


connecting appliances
one remote no speakers
connecting appliances
By Bose. All appliances managed by one remote control

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