Foldable sheetmaterial

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-12-11 17:10:06 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: A variety of materials can be used like fibreboard and textiles like linen or cotton.


foldtex consists of at least two layers, one is flexible, the other is stiff. When an incision is made in the stiff layer, the flexible layer below is exposed and a folding hinge of any preferred length is created. A variety of materials can be used as the flexible layer to achieve unusually tactile and optical surfaces.

foldtex is a sandwich material, consisting in its basic version of a 1 to 3 mm thick substrate and at least one tearproof layer. This is achieved using a CNC-milling cutter resulting a flexible layer that acts as a hinge. The material can not only be folded but also customized with visual and haptic effects by adding individual surface layers (different fibers, linen, foils etc.).

An example is the table cloth that is the tabletop but looks like a cloth. Other options would be flat sold products that can be folded into a product by the consumer and be folded back in flat shape to be stored.

Designer: Timm Herok
Manufacturer: Foldtex
Category: material


foldable table
foldable table

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