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CaseStudy Sustainable strategies; The eco-brand; Freitag published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2014-07-24 15:29:42 UTC
Back in 1993, graphic designer brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag were on the lookout for a messenger bag. Zurich citizens worthy of the name travel ...

CaseStudy Harvesting water from the air published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2014-07-22 17:37:08 UTC
'WarkaWater' is a project conceived for the mountainous regions in Ethiopia, where women and children walk several hours to collect water. To ease ...

CaseStudy Symbiosis; one man's waste is the other one's resource published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2014-07-16 07:05:20 UTC
The UK government sponsors an organization that tries to find synergies among different industries. Looking for a market for waste products or by-product ...

Product Assunta Chair raises us published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2014-07-09 16:55:55 UTC
The aging process brings about a natural decline in muscle tone and bone density that contributes to decreased mobility, stability, strength and endurance. ...

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