Chinese traditional crafts used in modern design; sustainable and exclusive

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-10-05 07:12:48 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: High end contemporary furniture made from natural materials by use of traditional chinese craftmanship

The Story

ShangXia shop

At the moment there are a few chinese manufacturers that are focusing on sustainable products made by using traditional crafts and materials. Funny enough the cost of producing in such a way is so expensive the products are only sold in China to people recognizing the craftmanship.

lasfera Ltd., a german company, purpose is to develop and sell exclusive furniture for the global high-end market by using of specialized traditional craftsmen techniques and outstanding materials with a focus on ecologic and sozial responsibility. is looking for a customer type, who shares the passion in elite custom made product with regards on ecological resources in a modern and innovative style.

An other is ShangXia, a daughter of Hermes. They have a mission to keep traditional crafts alive by applying the old techniques and materials to contemporary design in silk, jade, wood and bamboo. The chairs are made from wood that is laid in waxwater for 6 months before production to prevent working afterward in changing humidity. No nails or glue are used but mortise and tenons used. 70% of all the work is polishing the surface till it feels silk like. The porcelain they make is of eggshell thickness

Keeping old crafts alive and making exquisite products.

Product: Furniture
Designer: divers
Manufacturer: ShangXia, Lasfere
Category: Traditional crafts


ShangXia chair
ShangXia shop
Eggshell porcelain
ShangXia chair
mingstyle in a modern twist

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