Sustainable strategies; Beyond compliance leadership. The Muji story

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-10 10:53:38 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: A sustainable strategy; Beyond compliance. Muji set out to prevent waste and bring simplicity to the market in the 80's

The Story

Isn't this a sleek bike?

Muji was started in 1980 in a Japan which was full of prosperity, booming markets for luxury goods, expensive cars etcetera. On the other hand at that time Japan stood for cheap stuff and fakes like the China of our days.

Muji decided to go against waste and rationalize products and bring clean, simple product designs to the market. Fitting the Japanese philosophy with zen-like cleanliness. In Asia you take your shoes of entering a house to prevent bringing in the dirt from the street. You clean up the bedding if you are not using it.

Although many of their products are made of recycled material and their fabrics are made of organic cotton they don’t position themselves as an eco-brand. They offer clean simple, brandless products of good quality for a good price. Carefully selecting the materials they use, streamlining processes and simplifying or eliminating packaging.

Their product? Apparel, household goods, bedding, bicycles, stationery, . . . . all sleek and simple with no or little packaging, often white or in natural colours.

Product: Apparel and household
Designer: Muji
Manufacturer: Muji
Category: Simplicity, reduce waste, recycle


Muji desk
Isn't this a sleek bike?
The look
Loudspeakers made of cardboard
Muji desk
by Muji

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