Borrowing and renting stuff from and to your neighbours

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-12-19 10:20:02 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Instead of buying stuff you seldom need like a ladder, a drilling machine, you can borrow it from neighbours. Saving money, saving the environment from more stuff and .... getting to know your neighbours.

The Story

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Peerby was set up because there was no working peer to peer sharing platform existing in the Netherlands. Peerby believes that neighbourhoods should be places where the residents know and interact with each other. Their goal is to (re)establish this connection between neighbors, in this case with the usage of new media, and in the most comfortable and convenient way possible; an app.

Via Peerby, you can borrow and share items with your neighbors in a safe and fun environment. Peerby’s unique approach lies in its proactive approach: you don’t just post the item you’re looking for; the site asks your 100 closest Peerby neighbors if they have the item.
By establishing contact with your neighbors, you not only save time, money, and storage space yourself, you can also explore your neighborhood in a fun way. Most people feel an attachment to the place where they live, but not always to the people who live nearby. By using Peerby, you actually get to know your neighbors a bit better in a safe and fun way. Who knows, maybe there are a lot of neighbors around you that would love to help you, despite the fact that they do not know you yet? (Remember, all your friends were strangers once!) Or, the other way around, you can actually help you neighbors effortlessly just by lending them a ladder, which someone might need so that he can light his new place!
An electric drill is used for 13 minutes during its lifespan. Why not share it if it is just lying around somewhere collecting dust?! One-eighth of all CO2 emissions in the world are due to the production and consumption of products. We hope to do our part to decrease that number by encouraging our visitors to use products in a more efficient way.

Set up in the Netherlands, the app and platform is also in german and english. This award winning platform is free to use and funded from the three pillars of the Peerby vision: social cohesion (i.e., funding from Stichting Doen), sustainability (won prizes in the United Postcode Lotteries and Clinton Global initiative), and social entrepreneurship (funding from media partner Sanoma Media) and Techstars is helping them on the road world wide. In addition, they are also testing several additional user-based revenue models, such as insurance for lenders and voluntary contributions from satisfied members.

Product: service
Designer: Daan Weddepohl
Manufacturer: Daan Weddepohl
Category: Product Service Solution


Peerby logo
Peerby logo
by Peerby

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