LCA explained

What to choose and how to build

The dataset of the LCA is updated on January 3, 2012. If you made your LCA before that date the old data is still in your LCA. Since naming of the data in both sets is not identical you need to re-enter your materials/processes etc if you want to make use of the new set. New entries make use of the dataset ecocost 2007 on products and services v2-2, 2010. There are other, also newer, datasets available on

Making a LCA starts by defining your boundaries, what is included and what not. Make it to wide and you drown, make it to narrow and you will miss improvement options since those can be the largest in integration of functions and or products with services.

LCA’s are done from Cradle to Gate (think end of a process)

Step 1 The goal of your analysis

Step 2 “Functional Unit” and Boundary Limits

Step 3 Quantify materials, use of energy, etc. in your system

Step 4 Enter the data in the LCA tool

Step 5 Interpret the results and draw your conclusions

Step 6 You can then Clone your product and change out materials, weights or or re-design ideas you have and repeat the step 3-5.